Read some of the testimonials of just some of our successful students! 

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quotestart.gif I passed first time with Able2drive!  I started as a very nervous driver but Pat gave me the confidence to continue with learning to drive.  Pat is calm, kind and very friendly and always gave me the reassurance I needed.  Days where I didn't feel I could do it, Pat made me smile and laugh but always gave me a professional lesson.  I couldn't recommend an Instructor more highly!  Thanks to Pat I am Able2drive!   quoteend.gif

Emma K

quotestart.gif   I’ve been driving for 3 years now, thanks to Pat. Not only did he teach me how to pass, but helped gain more confidence. I was scammed by another instructor (different company), in which Pat corrected my already bad habits and passed me with 20 lessons! He is very helpful, reliable and will help you pass! quoteend.gif

Michaela B

quotestart.gif   Pat.  Thank you so much for your expertise over months.  I'm still in shock that i managed to pass first time!  I was so nervous throughout my lessons but your patience with me was amazing!  I never thought I would be able to drive, but your faith and reassurance saw me through.  I have a new lease of life now and I can't thank you enough.  I am recommending you to everyone.  If I can do it anyone can, especially with you at their side   quoteend.gif

Kirstie L

quotestart.gif   Thanks to Pat I managed to pass first time, despite how nervous I was.  There is no way I would have passed without Pat.  He is an excellent Instructor and gave me the confidence in my driving.  He makes learning to drive enjoyable.  I'll miss his sarcastic comments!!  I would absolutely recommend Pat to anyone that wants to learn to drive.  Thankyou for putting up with my nerves and having patience with me!   quoteend.gif

Kate M

quotestart.gif   Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for all of your help, support, wisdom, laughter and for taking my abuse (even though I think you enjoyed it really) Couldn't have done it without you partner and will miss my lesson. Thank you again.   quoteend.gif

Kate T

quotestart.gif   Dear Pat Thank you for making me able to drive. Could'nt do it without your help! "Thank you so much."  Wish you many happy students and lots of patience if any of them is similar to me!  I do miss our lessons!!!   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   Thank you so much for teaching me to drive, for your patience, humour, oh and not forgetting Sarcasm (Ha Ha) For me to get no faults, it shows what a good teacher you are. Thanks again.   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   Pat is an excellent Instructor.  He is patient, calm and helps you if you make a mistake.  It is because of him I am able2drive!  Thank you Pat   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for being the most amazing teacher. I would not have got through it without you! You made my learning experience with driving actually enjoyable which I don't think many people can say, so Thank you!   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   Thank you very much Pat for helping me to learn to drive. I am going to recommend him to everyone I know who wants to learn to drive. Pat always helped me although I continually struggled with the left reverse but with pats persistance and continuouse practise I got better and feel a lot more confident now. I passed my test first time. If you go with Able2drive you will have the best Instructor ever. THANK YOU PAT.   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   All I can say is I passed first time with no MINORS with the help of Mr Pat himself. I don't think I could have done it without him! And I would recommend everyone to go to Pat. He makes you feel at ease! Helps you correct mistakes instead of telling you what you have done wrong. Best Instructor anyone could ask for. He made me feel at ease and made me laugh so I did'nt notice I was nervous. Thank you so much Pat.   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have had Pat as my Driving Instructor. He gave great advice and was confident in me. I'd never have thought that I would have passed my test first time. Thank you for all your help and could'nt have asked for a better Instructor.   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   Thank you for all your help in the past 5 months.  best Instructor I could ask for.  Good luck & don't miss me too much haha   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   I just want to thank ABLE2DRIVE for teaching me how to drive. I highly recommend 'Pat' as an instructor as he is friendly supporting and fun to learn with. I passed my test first time and I really appreciate it.   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   I just wanted to send you a little message to say I cannot ever thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You were more than patient and extremely helpful. Passed first time as you know last week and already feel confident enough to carry out my 110 mile round trip to work and back. Thank you so very much but it is now 'time to say goodbye!'   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   A BIG THANKS TO A GREAT INSTRUCTOR. Anyone reading this take note. With Pat's help I passed first time with no minor faults. Pat was terrific with his advice. He was easy to talk too and made me feel really comfortable. I can thoroughly recommend Pat's experience for anyone learning to drive.   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   I am really pleased to write this testimonial for Pat, you are an amazing instructor, you were so supportive and patient with me for the last few months!

As a new learner, my main concern was to find someone with the important skills to make me feel confident and safe and I found those skills at ABLE2DRIVE.

I wish to express my gratitude to Pat and ABLE2DRIVE for helping me to pass my test and most of all believe in myself.  quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   I was so nervous when the thought of driving lessons came into my head!!

Until a friend recommended Pat, having had two driving instructors before I still didn’t understand the concept of how to drive, then I found Pat...

From the beginning he was so patient with me at a time of having lots of stresses in my life including post natal depression and I found it very difficult to understand how to drive. I never believed I could do it but Pat had every faith in me and I passed the second time and I am very proud to say Pat taught me... Also Pat is a very nice guy and good company while being taught... Thanks Pat   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   When I first took lessons with Pat, I found the lessons to be very relaxed and easy going. Pat, you do have the patience of a saint and have put up with me all this time! I managed to pass with Pat and was thoroughly chuffed to pieces. Many thanks to ABLE2DRIVE. You've worked wonders!   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif  After helping a fellow family member pass first time, I decided to take lessons with Pat. The flexibility shown towards lesson times was refreshing, and this enabled me to pass within two calendar months. Pat presents himself along with the car very well, and creates a friendly atmosphere during lessons where pretty much any subject goes. If you want to pass your driving test and get the skills to be safe on the roads afterwards, then Pat is the instructor for you!!   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   Pat, You were my rock through some very difficult times. I wasn’t too sure about learning to drive whilst being pregnant but you put me at ease and took my worries away. You are more than supportive and where you get your patience from I don't know! If I was you, teaching someone like me to drive I think I would have committed murder! You are one of the kindest most caring men I have ever met and I am so proud to say that you taught me to drive. Without you I would not be at college and my family would not be getting the benefits they are getting now. Thank you so much. I wish you all the best. I passed first time with Pat.   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   Dear Pat I just want to say thank you to you for being such a brilliant instructor to me. Throughout my driving lessons I was impressed by your patience. I know how difficult it must be to stay calm and not shouting when seeing someone make mistakes again and again, but you are exceptional. You always managed to stay calm and nice whilst showing me how I could have avoided those mistakes. All in all, I simply want to express my appreciation. I am sure that if it were not for you, I would not have passed my test first time. Thank you so very much!!!   quoteend.gif


quotestart.gif   Genuinely a nice guy, laid back and friendly. Will make sure you get the driving experience you need. I passed with Pat the 1st time   quoteend.gif



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